Mpho Sebako

Mpho Sebako is the Assistant Director at Ark and Mark Trust and constitutes part of the pioneering team of the Trust. She has demonstrated an immaculate record of resilience, unparalleled commitment and dedication with a high level of professionalism.

She led the development of the Follow-up programmes and currently coordinates its implementation and further provides technical guidance to Local Authorities throughout the country. She also monitors and evaluates the EARTH programmes. Mpho pioneered the introduction of the International Child Development Program (ICDP) which has had an overwhelming impact on the piloting community.

Mpho Sebako is a Social Worker by profession who holds a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Botswana. Her passion for Social Work has seen her actively contributing to the Botswana Social Workers Association. She derives abundant satisfaction and fulfilment from experiencing the transformation of her clientele.Prior to her work at Ark and Mark Trust, Mpho was with the Local Government for five years where she executed the role of broker and advocacy for clients comprising vulnerable children and their families. This is where she developed her passion for working with the vulnerable community of society.